Lifestyle  |  November 27, 2019

10 Gift Ideas for Plant People

While we put this gift guide together for the upcoming Holiday gift-giving bonanza, we think the contents herein are pretty timeless. In our opinion, these plant gift ideas are classic and perfect for the horticulturally inclined anytime of the year! 

For the Friend Who Went from 0 to 60 Houseplants In a Month


This is one of the absolute best tools you can get for anyone who has a lot of plants in their home, but especially good for someone a little new to tending to an indoor jungle. The Soil Sleuth allows you to see what's happening at the bottom of your vessel -- essential for large planters without drainage. Plus, if you ever overwater, the sleuth can be used as an aerator to help bring oxygen to the roots.

For the Plant Lover Who Travels All the Time

Glass Watering Ball


Watering globes have been a staple of indoor gardeners since the 70s, but for way too long they were colorful hand blown glass that was well, just a bit too groovy. I love this sleek and modern watering globe as it does its job well, allowing for a week or two between waterings, but can also add a little high-end sophisticated science look to your friend's home. 

For the Tool Obsessed

ARS Pruners


I've been tending to plants for a looong time and can say with absolute certainty that Japanese made pruners are the best there are. I'm especially fond of ARS for the ergonomic design and fun colors. Pros know that a sharp pair of pruners are an essential tool for any serious indoor (or outdoor!) gardener.

For the Person in Your Life That Moisturizes and Hydrates Regularly

Misting bottle


Great for adding humidity, cleaning leaves, and keeping pests at bay. Also wonderful for those who like to fuss a little too much over their plant babies. Misting is great for those who tend to be a little heavy handed with watering and care for their plant TOO much. They can give their plants a lot of love and care without the risk of taking it too far. 

For the Cellar Dweller

Plant Grow Light


Grow lights have come a long, long way in the past few years. No longer must you set up a big rig of T5's to grow your Ficus. Sansi offers amazing horticultural light bulbs for under $30. These bulbs come in different wattages (the 15W and 30W are both great) and fit standard lighting fixtures, so you can add it anywhere to give your green friends some supplemental light. 

For the Friend Who Has a Plant You Covet

Plant Propagation Kit


Help your friend display their cuttings in an elegant way. Rooting can easily turn into a collector's cluttered mess with mismatched bottles and containers lining the windowsill. Take it to the next level and make this hobby a displayed design feature of the home instead.

For Your Favorite New York Resident

Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Brooklyn Botanic Garden is one of my most beloved spots in all of NYC, and I don't just say that because I worked there! It is an incredible institution of plant knowledge and a serene and special space -- a beautiful oasis of nature and learning.  If your loved one doesn't live in NYC, research their local botanic institution -- supporting botanic gardens is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

For the Not-So-Squeamish aka For Your Friend That Probably Had a Pet Snake


Composting is one of the best ways we can help reduce our production of waste. It may be tricky in apartment dwelling, but with the help of our squirmy wormy friends, it can be much more efficient. How does this relate to houseplants? You can make a compost tea (water and compost steep) that makes an amazing fertilizer for houseplants and gardens alike!

For Your Practical and Highly Efficient Bestie

Plant Pruners


These snips are great for tiny cutting jobs, like removing the brown tips of leaves, or reshaping a damaged or discolored leaf edge. Large sheers are best for pruning whole leaves or branches, while these snips will make the cut when it comes to precision and the smaller details.

For the Family Member That Makes You Take Your Shoes Off at the Door

Re-potting Mat


At some point on your friend's plant parenting journey, they will need to repot. That can be a daunting and messy endeavor. I love using repotting mats for my houseplants-- so simple, yet essential to keep dirt from getting everywhere! Clean up is half the work in repotting and any plant enthusiast will be grateful to eliminate this factor.