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13 Unique Gifts for Plant Lovers in 2022


Gifts for plant lovers

Plants are having a bit of a *moment.* While we’ve been plant lovers since before the pandemic craze, chances are that over the past few years, the amount of “plant people” in your life — and on your holiday gift list — has grown immensely (pun intended). We’re here to help you celebrate all the plant parents, new and old, in your life.

As you do your holiday shopping this year, we hope this plant-filled guide will help you find a gift that truly keeps on giving — a gift that helps foster a deeper connection to nature, grow a stronger appreciation of our planet, and helps support a small, sustainably-oriented company (that’s us!). These 13 gifts approved by our expert team of horticulturists will help you check everyone, from the plant-curious to seasoned gardener, off of your holiday shopping list.

Monitor Brass Soil Probe

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Greenery Unlimited Monitor Brass Soil Probe

When it comes to caring for plants, one of the most essential factors to consider is the moisture of the plant’s soil. It can be tricky, however, to properly assess deeper soil, especially in larger pots. Enter: The Monitor Brass Soil Probe. These low-fi beautiful tools have been known and loved by professional horticulturists for decades, and are an excellent method to understanding the condition of your soil throughout the planter, giving you vital information on when it is time to water. Plus, they look beautiful on your shelf.

Self Watering Planter

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Greenery Unlimited self watering planter

Have someone on your list who tends to give their plants too much love? Our line of beautiful Self Watering Planters use sub-irrigation to quench plants’ thirst from the roots up, ensuring that they only drink as much as they need. This helps prevent common issues like root rot and pests which can arise from overwatering. Your giftee will appreciate this gift that takes some time and effort off their plate. Available in a variety of styles and colors.

Airless Fine Spray Mister

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There’s perhaps no chore more fun than misting your houseplants. Not only does this satisfying routine help carve out space for you to check in on and care for your plants, but regularly misting is one of the best ways to keep houseplants clean and healthy. Misting regularly in combination with wiping down the leaves with a clean microfiber cloth will keep leaves free of dust, and also help mitigate any emerging pest problems (looking at you, spider mites).

Stainless Steel Watering Can

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Stainless steel watering can

Every plant parent needs one good watering can (or two or three…). Our lightweight, sleek Stainless Steel Watering Can makes the perfect watering companion for all plants — big and small. Bonus: This watering can is rust-resistant.

Light + Ladder: Fondra Self Watering Pot

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Fondra self watering planter

Our staff-favorite Fondra planter makes the perfect gift for design-loving plant parents. Fondra, similar to fondre which translates to “will melt” in French, is inspired by soft masses colliding and merging. This organic shape was created in partnership between Light + Ladder and Greenery Unlimited using 3d software to simulate the physics of gravitational impact. The graceful vessel is equal parts form and function and offers the optimal environment for plants to grow. Available in Black, Matte White, and Oxblood.

Grow Light

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Grow light

We all know that plants need light to live and grow. Unfortunately, many of us plant lovers want to bring in light-loving plants to our home, where lighting might be inadequate for their needs. Grow lights can be an invaluable tool for helping your indoor plants thrive. Our staff-favorite SANSI bulb fits into standard lamp sockets easily, so that the plant lover in your life can easily make any light fixture into a grow light for their most-loved plants. It’s a smart, affordable way to boost plant health and longevity.

“You Grow, Gurl!: Plantkween’s Guide to Growing Your Garden”

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You Grow, Gurl!: Plantkween’s Guide to Growing Your Garden

Plant lover and Greenery Unlimited fave customer Christopher Griffin shares their tips for keeping healthy houseplants in this joyful and fun book. Griffin recounts how they went from caring for 1 Pothos six years ago to growing a collection of over 200 thriving plants — which they affectionately call their “green gurls.” Featuring 200 full-color photos and illustrations, instructions, tips, and activities, “You Grow, Gurl!” makes a wonderful addition to any plant parent’s book or plant shelf.

Light Meter

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Light meter for plants

Did you know that second to overwatering, inadequate lighting is the biggest plant killer? Help your loved one properly assess light in their space to keep their plants happy and healthy. A light meter is a great, reliable way to measure light and determine the best placement for plants.


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Sansevierias are known as great plants for beginners due to their resilience and ability to go long periods without water. This also makes them a superb selection for friends and family with a tight schedule, whether from busy work days, managing school from home with kids, or both. There are a number of different varieties and sizes to choose from, and they’re available in our Greenery Unlimited retail store and for shipping nationwide.

GU Heritage Floor Planters

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Greenery Unlimited Heritage Fiberglass Floor Planters

For the special someone with an enormous plant collection, consider a GU Heritage Quality Planter. These unique planters blend simple, timeless forms with top of the line materials, for a pot built to last a lifetime. Drainage hole and plug included in every pot and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Anthurium Red

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Anthurium Red

This beautiful, hardy, wax-leafed plant will add a pop of color to any room. For maximum floral blooms, bright indirect light is best, and make sure to fertilize spring through fall. While fairly easy to care for, it prefers a high humidity environment, so you may want to consider pairing this plant with an Airless Mister or Self Watering Planter.

The New Yorker “Winter Garden” Jigsaw Puzzle

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Gifts for plant lovers

As plant people living in New York City, we couldn’t help but immediately fall for this charming puzzle from The New Yorker. The 500-piece puzzle is a perfect way for the plant + puzzle lover in your life to pass the time.

Greenery Unlimited Gift Card

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Greenery Unlimited Gift Card

The “choose your own adventure” gift on this list. If you know someone who's first stop for a pick-me-up is the plant shop, then a Gift Card is the way to go. Some plant lovers find the most joy in hand selecting a plant themselves, and gift cards provide the leisure to do so at their own pace. They’ll be able to choose the accessories or planters of their liking, or even purchase a plant in-store or for delivery in the NYC area.