Ponytail Palm | 10"

Ponytail Palm | 10"

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    The Pony Tail Palm, or Beaucarnea recurvata, is native to Mexico and prefers bright light and periods of drought. This is a very easy plant to care for when placed in a Southern or Western exposure. Though slow growing, it is incredibly long-lived, with several 350 year old specimens registered in Mexico.

    Sunlight:High Light. This plant needs at least a few of hours of direct sunlight.

    A drought tolerant, light loving, hardy plant native to eastern Mexico. The ponytail palm is a great choice for those who travel frequently. 


    High Light. Prefers direct sunlight from a Southern or Western facing window.  It can tolerate bright indirect light, although growth may become leggy. 

    Be sure to water your plant upon delivery. Ponytail palms like dry soil and will rot when too much moisture is present. The large bulbous trunk stores excess water for the plant. Allow the soil to dry completely through the pot between waterings. Moderation is key. 

    Low humidity. Be careful applying too much moisture as the stalks can rot. 

    For a detailed guide and troubleshooting info, visit greeneryunlimited.co/ponytail-palm-care

Sunlight:High Light. This plant needs at least a few of hours of direct sunlight.

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