Indoor Plant Maintenance

We offer weekly interior plant care packages to ensure the long-term health of your plants. Our trained horticulturalist will make regularly scheduled visits to your home or office when it is convenient for you and your guests. We bring all of our own tools and materials with us and leave your space verdant and clean after each visit. For a free estimate, please contact us below to arrange a site visit so that we can accurately estimate the level of care needed for your plants.

Maintenance packages begin at $450 per month.

Our maintenance plans include:

  • Watering.
  • Pruning, cleaning, and detailed plant care.
  • Fertilization. We will regularly feed the plants and will consult with client on organic vs. chemical fertilizers.
  • Disease and pest management. Our team will detect and treat any signs of disease or pest problems and present the client with options for removal.
  • Systems management. Each visit our technician will check any irrigation or grow systems and perform any needed maintenance or adjustments.
  • Design. We will work with our clients as their office grows to ensure their plants grow with them. We are happy to consult on new planting designs and provide plants and containers as the office expands and changes. 
  • Plant Warranty. While under our care any plant installed by Greenery NYC is fully warrantied. Should a plant decline and a replacement ever become necessary, we will replace the pant promptly and free of charge.

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