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Monitor Brass Soil Probe

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    Know what's happening below the surface! Soil probes are excellent tools to understand the condition of your soil and when it is time to water. Overwatering is the most common reason plants perish, especially in planters without drainage holes. The soil probe not only allows you to check the soil moisture at the root zone level, but can also act as a tool to aerate the roots -- the best way to save an overwatered plant before it is too late. 

    For more information, see our How To Use A Soil Probe guide. 
    • Anti-microbial brass prevents transmission of pests and pathogens
    • Aerates the soil so plants can breathe
    • Designed by professional horticulturists
    • Manufactured in China


    Brass will tarnish. To keep the soil probe looking its brightest, rub down with brass polish periodically.


    Small measures 9 ¾" L x 1 ⅛" W

    Large measures 13 ¾" L x 1 ⅛" W

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Liza V.
A+ MAZING! so much more reliable than a moisture meter

This little device is pure genius, absolutely amazing! You gently push it into the soil, and when you pull it out, it collects little lumps of soil in its notches, so you are instantly able to determine - with 100% accuracy! - whether your soil is wet or dry at several depth levels. On top of that, it looks so beautiful and refined, like a piece of fancy home decor. I honestly don't understand why this magic wand - so humbly called simply a "soil probe" - is not sold in every garden store and not owned by every gardener, professional and amateur alike! In conclusion, "highly recommend" is a serious understatement! Thank you so very much, GreeneryUnlimited!

Teresa Schwarz

Beautifully made, works well! This will last a lifetime. Recommended!

Martha Allen
Monitor Brass Soil Probe

The probe is nice, but I do not use it very much. Because there was a delay in shipping, I purchased a moisture meter and currently use it almost exclusively.

Benjamin Burnett
Awesome device, a must for the committed plant parent!

I absolutely love this soil probe, it was pretty hard to find one like it on the market anywhere but here. Most soil probes you find just provide a semi-inaccurate moisture reading, but this gives you a true view of your soil throughout the plant allowing you to get an understanding of the quality and moisture of your soil through many layers. On top of that, it's hefty with good weight and a very good looking tool.

Mike Will
A Better Way to Understanding Watering

The soil probe provides incredibly useful information to improve plant watering routines.

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