Our Shipping Philosophy

At Greenery Unlimited our mission is to increase awareness and appreciation of plant life everywhere, not just in Brooklyn, New York where we are headquartered. We feel that shipping high quality plant-related products throughout the U.S. will further our mission to connect people with nature, even in small doses.

We know that shipping has a big impact on our environment and we thought long and hard about how to reconcile our desire to share our passion nationwide with the inevitable environmental impact that comes with the fossil-fuel based shipping system that exists in the United States.

We decided that until we can ship using renewable resources (and we hope that day comes soon!) we can focus on tracking our shipping impact each month with the goal of being more efficient and reducing our impact and also reusing each and every piece of packing material that comes our way. 

Recycling in the U.S. can be inefficient and difficult. The EPE foam we use in packing our ceramic vessels is recyclable, but most states do not accept it in local curbside pickups. To help ensure this packaging stays out of landfills, we provide a discounted shipping label and pay half the cost of shipping the packaging from our ceramic planters to the closest EPE recycling center. For more information on our EPE recycling program visit greeneryunlimited.co/epe-recycling.

We hope you'll join us in our commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle all of your packaging materials.