Greenery NYC does office plants differently. We are designers and horticulturists with a mission: to bring the beauty of nature indoors to create more comfortable, attractive, and productive places to live and work.

Many studies have show the benefits of biophilia in the office environment. From employee productivity to workplace satisfaction and improved air quality, incorporating plants into office interior design has been shown to lift the mood, reduce stress, and improve overall health resulting in less absenteeism.

At Greenery NYC, we don’t see indoor plants as just a trend in interior design. We want people to engage with plants in their daily lives, and that means we’re committed to the long-term health and beauty of our work and offer full maintenance plans.

Our goal is to make plant care easy through thoughtful plant choice, proper lighting assessment, and using the very latest in horticultural technology.

From conference room accents to large-scale living walls, Greenery NYC can help make your office space a healthier and more productive work place.

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Plants in the office ensures cleaner, fresher air and creates a beautiful and healthy space that people want to spend time in.

Nothing transforms office spaces quite like plants. Bringing lush plant life into the work environment invigorates the space and adds a grounding and beautiful aesthetic that can help extend your spatial branding and improve the employee and guest experience.

As modern construction becomes more energy efficient, one unfortunate side effect is it traps particulates inside. Permanently. There’s no air exchange because the buildings are so well sealed. A long term study for NASA suggests that many common indoor plants are able to remove toxic agents from the air, including benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene, combating the effects of sick building syndrome.

It took humans hundreds of thousands of years to seal themselves off from nature. In fact, the process has been so slow that we don’t necessarily realize it’s missing.

Yet study after study has shown that employees are happier, healthier and more productive in the presence of plant life. We know from our own experience that plants make a difference in well-being, and that the more plants you’re around, the more of a difference you’ll feel. That’s why we don’t just do little plants in pots. We transform offices into conversation pieces; places that employees look forward to spending time in and clients talk about long after they’ve visited.


Want a lush and tropical break room for your staff or an impactful green wall to impress guests in your lobby? We can help with that.

Our installations are clean and careful; our professional team takes precautions to protect your floors and furniture during the installation. We are invested in the long term success of our work, and our horticultural team is always available to address questions and concerns if they arise. We’re also happy to provide regular plant care through our maintenance plans for our clients that need a helping hand.


We consult with architects, engineers and other designers early in the build process to create plant installations that are beautiful, sustainable and low maintenance.

The best way to ensure the longevity of your plants and to reduce costly plant replacements is to consult with our designers early in the process. We’ll help you think through the best ways to incorporate plants into the build design, from selecting the best lighting to unique architectural plant displays. Greenery NYC specializes in consulting on long term solutions to design a lush and verdant space.


  • Office plant design consultations
  • Office plant installation
  • Living wall design, installation and maintenance
  • Custom fabrications for botanic installations
  • Office plant maintenance
  • Consultations on plant health
  • Indoor plant pest control


We take a holistic approach to creating an interior plant plan that suits your space and budget. Our process begins with a free phone consultation in which we speak with stake holders to discuss design ideas and concerns. From there we can create a proposal based on items available on our online shop. If you have specific design needs and are interested in meeting our design minimum we’re happy to schedule a site visit to take a full assessment of your office environment.

Site visits are reserved for interior plant design projects that begin at $5,000, which includes design, installation, and between 8 and 15 medium to large office plants. For smaller projects, visit our online shop or attach photos of your office to the submission form and we will happily suggest plants and containers that will work well in your space.

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